Tour Dates: 5-9 July 2020

Price Per Person:TBC (Single Supplement £140:00)

Hotel: Hotel Le Tulipier B&B basis    
St Mihiel - Meuse Argonne 
Day 1 Sunday 5 July - Travel to to our hotel via an orientation visit to the Montsec Memorial.  

Day 2 - Monday 6 July - A full day on the St Mihiel battlefields including visits to the atmospheric trenches of Bois le Prétre, the equally impressive remains of both lines in the Bois Brulée near Aprémont. We study the Seichspray Raid, visit the ABMC cemetery at Thiaucourt, the remains of mining activity at Les Eparges as well as a walk through Tranchées de Calonne to hear of the experiences of both Ernst Junger and Alain Fournier, we end the day studying the attack on Hattonchátel by the US 102 Regiment.  

Day 3 Tuesday 7 July - Meuse Argonne First Day - Following a topographical visit to the Butte de Vauquois we spend the morning studing the opening phases of the battle at Montfaucon, scene of such bitter fighting for the US 79th Division, we also study the actions of Harry S Truman on the bridge at Bouresches, before ending the day with a visit to the ABMC Cemetery at Romagne.    

Day 4 - Wednesday 8 July - Meuse Argonne Second Day - As the battle continued we uncover the story of Sgt Alvin York through walking the ground over which he fought, we also in detail consider the actions of John Lewis Barkley who was awarded a Medal of Honour for his actions near to Cunel on the 7 October 1918, we end with a visit to study the truth behind the 'Lost Battalion'.    

Day 5 - Thursday 9 July - After a visit to a German Hospital deep in the forest we return back to the UK