Tour Dates: 5-8 June 2020  Battlefield Mons 
                     9-12 October 2020 Battlefield Amiens 
Price Per Person: TBC

Hotel: June - Van de Valk Hotel, Mons
           October - Hotel Central Amiens  
*Both tours strictly limited to 25 participants*
WFA Chairman's Tours 2020 
5-8 June 2020 - Destination Mons  

Friday 5 June - on route to our hotel we will visit Casteau to learn of the opening shots for the BEF in the War 

Saturday 6 June - A day studing the Battle of Mons in August 1914 including Oborg, Nimy, St Symphorian the Mons Miltaru Museum and Audregnies

Sunday 7 June - A day studing the retirement from Mons towards Le Cataue with time spent at Mauberge and the Forest of Mormal  

Monday 8 June - Travel back after a morning in Mons studying the 1918 fighting in the area and the final shots of the war.  

9-12 October 2020 - Destination Amiens

Friday 9 October - Onroute to our central hotel we will make a visit to Etaples CWGC and discover life behind the lines for the BEF 

Saturday 10 October - A day studying the April 1918 defence around Amiens notably at Villers Brettonneux  

Sunday 11 October - A day studying the actions of July & August 1918 from Le Hamel to Chipilly  

Monday 12 October - Travel back via a stop at Douglas Haigs HQ for the Battle of the Somme