Tour Dates:14/23 October 2020

Hotel: TBC  

Munich to Berlin 
A WWII Tour of Germany

Tour Itinerary
Wednesday, October 14 – Munich
Meet mid-morning at hotel in Munich for a tour briefing and welcome drink. Immediately following, discover the bleaker side of Munich with the rise of the Third Reich, scene of “Beer Hall Putsch” and other Nazi party sites.
Thursday, October 15 – Munich
We’ll spend a day in the magnificent Bavarian mountains with a visit to the stunning Mad King Ludwigs Bavarian Lair, Neuschwanstein Castle.
Friday, October 16 – Munich
The morning will begin at Dachau Concentration Camp, the first camp, opened in 1933 by Himmler, that eventually held over 200,000 people with over 30,000 recorded deaths. The afternoon will be spent exploring Munich.
Saturday, October 17 – Move to Nuremberg
After arriving in Nuremberg we will visit the historic old town with its quintessential medieval German feel, and also the Nazi party rally grounds. We will then see where the Trial of the Major War Criminals took place in 1946-49 (Courtroom 600 is still an active court, so access is limited).
Sunday, October 18 – Move to Dresden
We’ll arrive at Dresden in time for lunch. The afternoon will include a walk around the astounding Altstadt (much rebuilt after WWII) and the Zwinger as we study the Allied bombing of Germany and the obvious effects on this ancient city.
Monday, October 19 – Dresden
Morning plans include a visit to Frauenkirche to ascend its 220-ft dome for stunning views of this Baroque city with its Saxon heritage. Afternoon leisure with options to stroll along the banks of the Elbe River, visit one of 60 galleries, 50 museums or 30 theatres. With countless cafes and boutiques, there is plenty for everyone.
Tuesday, October 20 – Move to Berlin via Colditz
Following breakfast, we’ll head to the notorious Colditz Castle and see where and how the Allied prisoners of war escaped from the German High Security Stalag during WWII. Next we’ll move onwards to Berlin via Torgau where the Allies met and “shook hands across the Elbe” in April 1945, essentially cutting Germany in half with American and Soviet Forces linking up 80 miles from Berlin.
Wednesday, October 21 – Berlin
Berlin city tour including traditional sites and looking at Nazi rise and fall, the Battle of Berlin 1945 and the Cold War. This will include a selection of Brandenburg Gate, Karlshorst Museum, Unter den linden, Treptower Park, Soviet Memorial Tiergarten, Reichstag, Fuhrer Bunker, Gestapo museum, Stasi Museum, the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie.
Thursday, October 22 – Berlin
Potsdam Conference Day – Taking place at the Cecilienhof Palace, this impressive mock British Tudor Manor House was the scene of the Potsdam Conference from July 17- August 2, 1945. Here we’ll study President Truman’s participation, contribution and decision making when he met with fellow Allied national and military leaders including Stalin, Churchill, Marshall and Mountbatten. The day will also include visits to the White & Red Salon that housed the Soviet Delegation, the Great Hall where the conference primarily took place, and Wilhelm’s Smoking Room & Library where the U.S. and British delegations met and drew up plans for the conference. When the tour concludes, we will return to the hotel for one last group meal.
Friday, October 23
Following breakfast, the group will be shuttled to the airport for return flights to U.S.

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